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The city of fish and Kitaro Sakaiminato Guide for Sightseeing

Yume Minato Tower

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Special local products and imported goods from countries around the Japan Sea Rim go on sale on Minatomachi Shopping Street


Hot spring where people can enjoy a splendid view of the Japan Sea and Mt. Daisen

Yume Minato Tower

The observation deck on top of Yume Minato Tower stands 43m above ground level. Here, visitors can enjoy a 360 degree panoramic view of the whole of Yumigahama Peninsula. This includes Mt. Daisen, Miho Bay, the Nakaumi Inland Sea and other sights. Within the tower, there are various cultural displays and information not only about Tottori prefecture, but also about the various countries around the Japan Sea Rim. Various conventions and events are also held within Yume Minato Tower.


“Japan Sea Rim Village of International Exchange” introduces cultures of various countries around the Japan Sea Rim


Facilities which are used for various events including the “Congress of Key Cities around the Japan Sea Rim”


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Commerce and Tourism Section, Industry Dept., Sakaiminato City