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The city of fish and Kitaro Sakaiminato Guide for Sightseeing

Special Products


Pot-boiled Crab

Matsuba Gani(Male Snow Crab)

Matsuba gani is a very popular food among Japanese people, and is considered the king of winter palates. The best way to eat matsuba gani is to dip the crab meat in sanbaize sauce (soy sauce mixed with vinegar and sugar) after the crab is boiled in salted water. It also tastes good whether it is grilled or eaten as sashimi, or cooked as part of hot pot.


Welsh Onion and Crab Gratin

Beni Zuwai Gani(Red Snow Crab)

Just as its name indicates, Beni Zuwai Crab has a bright red color and its size and shape are almost the same as that of the Snow Crab. Astaxanthin extracted from the shell has been attracting attention for use in healthcare and medical products.


Squid Rice


Surumeika (Japanese flying squid) is the most captured squid in Sakaiminato, while Kensaki ika (Southern Squid) represents the summer food of Sakaiminato. People can enjoy the delicious flavor in various styles; for example eating it raw, deep fried, cooked and marinated.




"Tuna contains abundant DHA and esthetically effective collagen. Sakaiminato has had the largest landing of Bluefin tunas in Japan consecutively in 1995, 2003, and 2005"



New Kanimeshi (New Crab Rice)

It is nouvelle kanimeshi cuisine steamed in paper using a whole red zuwai crab with vinegared rice and locally cultivated foods.


Shiro Negi (Welsh Onion)

Shiro negi is cultivated throughout the year in Sakaiminato City. With frequent sand treatment, the white roots are grown to 30cm. The soft, sweet and tender shiro negi is an indispensable vegetable for cooking, particularly for nabe (pot boiled cooking) and brings out the flavor of the dish.


Satsuma Imo (Sweet Potato)

The sand structure of the Yumigahama Peninsula makes it difficult to grow rice, and as such satsumaimo is widely planted instead. Currently, there are many products made from satsumaimo including potato cookies, potato porridge, potato croquet, potato candy and potato shochu (Japanese liquor).


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