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The city of fish and Kitaro Sakaiminato Guide for Sightseeing

Mizuki Shigeru Road・Mizuki Shigeru Museum

Mr.Shigeru Mizuki points at a picture he drew.

Mizuki Shigeru

Having been interested in Yokai since his boyhood in Sakaiminato, he produced many pieces of work based on the motif of Yokais such as "Ge Ge Ge no Kitaro." He was awarded Shiju Hosho Decoration in 1991, Minister of Edcation Award in 1996 and Kyokujitu Sho Decoration in 2003, for his excellent achievements and cultural contribution.

About Yokai(Demon)

It has long been told in Japan that when one encounters a strange or peculiar phenomenon he/she suspects that Yokai must be manipulating this. It is said that Yokai not only punishes people for their laziness and selfishness but also teaches them to take good care of things and to respect nature and environment. Many Japanese have long been familiar with Yokai.

Famous Ge Ge Ge No Kitaro.

Rat Man

The Mizuki Shigeru Road

153 yokai characters were sterically casted into detailed bronze statues. Anyone can see and touch the statues. Each unit of the black granite base and the statue is highly appraised as a fine art. Yokais attract a number of visitors and keep the town active.

Attractive goods selling exclusively at the store.

Introducing a world of Yokai through various ways.

Mizuki Shigeru Museum

At Mizuki Shigeru Museum, visitors can feel existence of Yokais through cubic molds, sound and lighting effects, and they can visualize Yokais through the motion picutres using three large screens. Profiles of Mizuki Shigeru and the rare collections which he collected and brought back to Japan from world wide are displayed at the Museum.

An atmosphere of the life in old days is reproduced at the basement.

Mr.Mizuki's collections which he brought back from his trips to many countries over the world.

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