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The city of fish and Kitaro Sakaiminato Guide for Sightseeing

Information For Access By Transportation

DBS Cruise Ferry, the international liner cargo-passenger ferry

[Time required · Service]

Sakaiminato 14 hr.
once a week
Donghae, South Korea 24 hr.
once a week
Vladivostok, Russia


[Time required · Service]

Yonago Kitaro Airport 100min.
3 Flights/Week
Seoul Inchon(Airport)
5 Round Trip/Day
Tokyo Haneda(Airport)

Driving By Car

[Time required]

Sakaiminato 30min. Yonago
40min. Matsue
1-1/2hr. Izumo
2-1/2hr. Okayama
2hr. Tottori
3h 20min. Hiroshima
3-1/2hr. Osaka
3-1/2hr. Kobe


[Time required]

Sakaiminato 40min. Yonago
59min. Tottori
2h 40min. Okayama
3-1/2hr. Hiroshima
3h 40min. Osaka
4-1/2hr. Hakata
5h 10min. Kochi
6h 10min. Tokyo

Express Bus

[Time required · Service]

Yonago 2-1/4hr.
7 Service/Day
3h 20min.
1 Service/Day
3h 20min.
5 Service/Day
18 Service/Day
3h 40min.
7 Service/Day
4h 40min.
4 Service/Day
8h 15min.
1 Service/Day
10h 30min.
1 Service/Day

Municipal Hama Loop Bus Information

The Hama Loop Bus has two courses; Main Course and Seikatsu Course. The Main Course stops at major places around Sakaiminato and includes not only sightseeing spots, but also the municipal administration offices and hospitals. There are buses that run in a clockwise loop around the city as a well as buses that run counter-clockwise. These buses depart from the City Hall. Before using the Hama Loop Bus, it is recommended to check the direction in which the bus is going; clockwise or counter-clockwise.

Bus Fare
Payment of ¥100 in advance for each trip regardless of the section.
It takes about one hour for a loop bus to circle the city. For the schedule of loop bus, please contact us.
Calling for Information
Office of Loop Bus Transportation Tel:0859-44-1140
Major Stops on the Main Course
Below is the order of stops for the clockwise loop bus. The order reverses when traveling counter-clockwise.
Sakaiminato City Hall
Yume Minato Tower
Yonago Kitaro Air Port
Sakaiminato General Hospital of Saiseikai
Sakaiminato Railway Station
Daiba Park・Sea and Life Museum
Port Government Offices Complex(Customs)
Sakaiminato Police Station
Motomachi Hospital
Sakaiminato City Hall




Calling for Information
Commerce and Tourism Section, Industry Dept., Sakaiminato City